Book: Is Life Worth Living Without Labs?

This page will provide information on a book I published.  A chapter in the book describes the rescue and rehabilitation of Jazz Whacker, the dog pictured below.


“Is Life Worth Living Without Labs?” is a book I have published that tells the stories of my two current Labrador retrievers, Francesca and Jazz Whacker. If you have, had, or love Labs, or are a general dog lover, you may enjoy my stories. It is available in paperback print or E-READER versions. To order, contact‎,  Barnes and Noble, or other book sellers.  Go to their bookstore and search the book title as above.  Some reader reviews are provided below. Enjoy.

Book testimonials and comments

  1. … gave me a copy of his wonderful book, “Is Life Worth Living Without Labs?”. … the way a good dog can enrich anyone’s enjoyment of the great outdoors. I guess it’s obvious that he is partial to Labs. Greg Tollefson, Outdoor writer, Missoulian, 9/18/14

2. It is often difficult for someone without a pet to fully appreciate the kind of love a person can have for an animal.  If you want some insight into a relationship between a life-long hunter and his working labs, read Is Life Worth Living Without Labs?  It won’t take long for you to sense the love, dedication, and devotion they have for each other.  I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt with Jay and Francesca ever since Fran was a pup, and to see this special bond first-hand.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything!   Dr. Wayne Melquist, Wildlife Biologist, Idaho

3. An amazing story of a man and his best friend!  An easy read that brought laughter and tears…and along the way, another animal is rehabilitated.  Wanda Durick, Morro Bay, California

4. …while drinking my coffee, I read the entire book! I laughed out loud at your many stories and honestly, I had misty eyes while reading about Francesca. …I have to say your story about Fran retrieving socks, shoes, and gloves is spot-on for us as well. …I will be sure to tell fellow Labrador lovers about your book as I treat their beloved dogs.  Dr Alicia Hines, DVM, Illinois

5. As hunter and dog lover, I thoroughly enjoyed Jay’s description of his life with Labrador retrievers Fran and Jazz.  His story of Jazz should give hope to those who have a dog that is gun shy or otherwise fearful of hunting conditions.  Through Jay’s persistence and encouragement — combined with Fran’s “leadership” — Jazz was converted from a timid and gun shy pet to an excellent retriever and upland bird dog. Dan Herrig, Biologist, Idaho


5 thoughts on “Book: Is Life Worth Living Without Labs?”

  1. Jay Gore is the consummate Ol’ Duck Hunter. And Jazz is the consummate “never make a hunter” rescue lab. This book shows Jay’s love for his labs and the ducks they retrieve for him.

  2. Dog-Lovers are great people. They are all connected and know ‘Man’s Best Friend’ is so very therapeutic. However, Lab-Lover’s have a bond with their best friend that is almost consuming. What Jay writes about makes my heart sing as he has found verbiage I couldn’t to express my affection for the Labrador Retrievers I’ve had through out my life. And Jay must be a wicked-awesome shot to keep track of how many retrieves Francesca made over the years! Why a men’s fragrance ‘Wet Lab’ hasn’t been developed is beyond me.

  3. I am proud to say I have known him since his youth. We played high school football together on Friday nights and hunted ducks on Saturday mornings. I had a Lab that hardly knew what a duck was! Jay was a good shooter from the outset. Far better than me. He parlayed all of this love of the outdoors into a career. Not to mention he was a pretty good fullback as well! Anyhow he is a “friend’s friend”; we still email and reminisce!

  4. GREAT classmate and a GREAT writer :} Also GREAT insight on a GREAT breed of dogs! Can’t wait to read the next book!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

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