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Jay and Partner
Jay and Partner, Francesca

“The joy of hunting was beyond accounting, once I was old enough to be trusted … with my father’s old shotgun. I loved to bring birds down, to take quick aim at mallards, pintails, teal … and feel the twelve-gauge bounce against my battered shoulder …  ”A.B. Guthrie Jr., The Blue Hen’s Chick: A Life in Context, 1965

This web site is constructed by James (Jay) F. Gore.  A little of his experiences and background follow.

BS Degree–Wildlife Management South Dakota State University-1963:       MS Degree–Wildlife Management University of Maine-1965.

Senior Waterfowl Biologist, Tennessee Fish and Game Commission, Nashville- 1966-1971.    Wildlife Biologist, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, St Louis District-1971-1978.    Endangered Species Project Leader/Biologist, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Boise-1978-1991.     Endangered Species Program Manager/Assistant Manager, USDA Forest Service, Washington DC & Ogden, Utah-1991-1996.     National Grizzly Bear Habitat Coordinator, USDA Forest Service, Missoula-1996-2001 (Retired).

Volunteer- Sage-grouse Lek counts, National Wildlife Federation, Missoula-2003.

Adopt-A-Lek Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation, Missoula-2004-2008 (Part Time).

Certified Wildlife Biologist(CWB), The Wildlife Society- 1978.

The Wildlife Society, Past Presidents of the Illinois (1975) and Idaho (1981) state chapters.

1989, Professional Wildlife Award, Idaho chapter of The Wildlife Society.

1991, Alpha Award for the Wolf Recovery Foundation for Wolf Conservation Achievements.

Numerous agency awards throughout Federal Government career.

2009/present, Director of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks selected me to serve on the statewide 12 member Upland Game Bird Enhancement Citizens Advisory Council.

Conservation Boards served on: International Wildlife Film Festival-1998-2003;   Big Sky Upland Bird Association, 2009-present;   Montana Wildlife Federation, 2012-present;   Friends of Lee Metcalf NWR, 2008-present.

Montana Governors’ sage-grouse habitat conservation state plan Council, 2013.

Jay has a love for Black Labradors.
Jay has a love for Black Labradors.

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