Welcome to Triple D Lodge

WELCOME; This web site will relate information on Dogs, Ducks, Decoys (thus triple D) and other OLD things in stories, articles, recipes, and photos. It is meant to be a fun, happy site; not one of vast detail nor preciseness. Comments and stories/lies are welcomed. Jay Gore AKA dukguy

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Triple D Lodge”

  1. It seems to be working. So I will start the discussion by asking how many birds did your dog retrieve last fall? What kind of dog are you hunting with?

  2. Jay, you are a busy guy. I look forward to learning about your adventures and stories. I just got back from Africa and beginning to scout for Bighorn sheep at CMR. I drew out after 26 years. Looking forward to our Mexico brant & duck hunt, and hope to see you in Alberta too.

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